Telemedicine at Medigenics Longevity Center

Medigenics Longevity Center oversees our services and connects with our patients via telemedicine services. Once you’re in our network, you will also be able to use our telemedicine app to manage your care and appointments. Contact us to learn more!

Life keeps us all busy these days - that’s why our team at Medigenics Longevity Center has introduced a way for you to meet with us that will save some of your precious time. Medigenics Longevity Center allows patients to utilize telemedicine services via the HealthX app. While your initial visit (or two) will need to be in our offices for your initial exams and tests, after that we invite you to use our telemedicine services. By making your visits as easy as possible, we hope to remove the stress from your appointments - all while helping you adhere to a custom treatment plan for focused on your personal health care goals,

Contact us if you have any questions about our telemedicine services, or if you need assistance scheduling a visit with Dr. Ashok Shetty - our board-certified physician specializing in Anti-Aging Care, Holistic and Obesity Medicine, and Internal Medicine.

FAQs on Supplements and Health Products at Medigenics Longevity Center:

Is Telemedicine Right For Me?

Maybe! Telemedicine is a convenient method of receiving care for many people these days. Some individuals utilize these services because they make it easier to see a doctor, allowing them to get straight to their appointment (from anywhere) without any commute time. Telemedicine can also provide a prompt channel of communication with a doctor, which can be helpful depending on the nature of your health needs and questions.

How Do You Manage Telemedicine Services At Medigenics Longevity Center?

Our practice uses the HealthX app to manage our telemedicine services. The app is available via Google Play and the iTunes app store. It's also completely free for you to use, and allows you to search for doctors, message a doctor, book an appointment, and more.

How Do Your Services Work? Can All Of My Appointments Be Done Remotely?

While our telemedicine services are available to all, they will not be available immediately. Specifically:

  • New patients are asked to visit our offices for two visits for exams and tests. Starting from your 3rd visit onward, you will be able to fully take advantage of our telemedicine services.

  • Existing patients will be able to begin telemedicine visits after one visit to our office, i.e. starting from your 2nd visit onward.

Licensed to Practice in Pennsylvania & California.