Holistic Medicine: Treating Environmental Toxins & Deficiencies at Medigenics Longevity Center

Medigenics Longevity Center oversees treatment and testing for environmental toxins and heavy metal exposure. Contact us to learn more about our care options or to schedule an appointment.

When we think about our health, we tend to think about our diet or exercise habits. But how much thought do you give to environmental factors? Our practice is committed to addressing this underappreciated aspect of wellness. The reality is that environmental toxins can be found in food, beverages, and the products we buy without a second thought. And long-term exposure to these chemicals, metals, and toxins can create physical issues and affect our risk of developing different ailments over time.

Medigenics Longevity Center offers Holistic Medicine services to address the health problems related to environmental toxins, especially chemicals and heavy metals. Under our holistic health principles, we believe that your health is measured not just with the absence of symptoms and disease, but an overall positive state of being. Our care will help you evaluate your current state of being via specific testing; and based on these results, we will then recommend lifestyle changes meant to address your test results.

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FAQs on Treating Environmental Deficiencies & Toxins at Medigenics Longevity Center:

What Are Environmental Toxins?

"Environmental toxins" is a broad term that can define a number of things that interrupt normal biological functioning. Chemicals, hormones, drugs, heavy metals, and so forth can all fall under this label.

What Sorts Of Environmental Toxins Do I Need To Worry About?

There is currently a wide range of potential sources of toxin exposure in our daily lives, especially chemicals and heavy metals. For example: 

  • Pesticides can create a residue that can remain on our produce after it's collected from fields and farms.
  • Water, depending on its source, may contain a host of contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, lead, leaching of wastes from landfills, direct discharge of industrial pollutants, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, and heavy metals.
  • Soil - and therefore anything grown in it - is often contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, lead, industrial pollutants, fertilizers, and heavy metals.
  • Heavy metal poisoning can also be caused by air or water pollution, medications, and improperly coated food containers, plates, and cookware, and other seemingly innocent objects in our daily lives.

Air pollution and common household material byproducts are also concerning sources of environmental toxins.

How Do You Diagnose Environment Toxin Levels In People?

When you visit Medigenics Longevity Center, we will use specific tests to measure the level of various toxins in your body. The following are the primary deficiency and toxin tests used to assess your toxin exposure and health needs:

  • Metal & Environmental Toxin Assessment - A heavy metal blood test is a group of tests that measure the levels of potentially harmful metals in a person’s blood. Certain heavy metals are known to interfere with the functionality of the body, as well as create serious illnesses. To find these contaminates, we'll run a blood test for environmental toxins. If your test shows a high level of a particular toxin you will need to completely avoid future exposure to that substance.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis - Hair analysis is a test in which a sample of a person's hair - typically from the back of the neck - is sent to a laboratory for measurement of its mineral content. A hair test may be used as part of a heavy mental test or a nutritional deficiency test.

No matter which tests we recommend to you, you can expect the testing process to proceed in the following manner:

  • We will perform any baseline testing to assess your current nutritional status and health.
  • We will send out for the test results, which will be processed off-site.
  • We will review your results and then proceed to develop an individualized plan meant to address your health needs.

Following testing, specific care recommendations can be made to address your particular toxin levels and exposure sources.

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